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Specialized telehealth addiction recovery treatment for individuals and families.
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Scaling the Rocks

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If you have been living with addiction or serve those with addiction, Recovery Consulting will help develop and organize your life, family, or institution. We offer a variety of addiction recovery support services and addiction recovery consulting options.


Recovery Consulting serves clients in Colorado, Virginia, Washington DC, and Wisconsin. We reach clients where they live, using a fully confidential and HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth platform to connect and grow client emotional health and freedom from substances. 

We are focused on providing addiction recovery services with the highest levels of addiction counseling, education, and up to date scholarship. We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 and you can make a tax exempt charitable donation to help support our work. 

Recovery Consulting offers addiction counseling in Colorado, Virginia, Washington DC, and Wisconsin for families and individuals. We provide national education and consulting for organizations and treatment facilities. We teach in the community on addiction recovery and help the legal field nationally by providing addiction education. 

Take the next step for yourself, your family, and your life. Find yourself, engage in life again, heal from substance use disorders.​

Jessica swan
executive director
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how we help

We offer specialized, confidential addiction recovery counseling services for individuals and families who are seeking recovery from addiction. 


We focus on providing addiction recovery services with the highest levels of addiction counseling, education, and up-to-date scholarship.



Our concierge services offer clients in depth regularly scheduled sessions in addition to on call sessions, utilizing a convenient monthly retainer. 



Hourly sessions for the family to enter and live in recovery.



Confidential tele-health services for the specialized treatment of individuals coping with addiction.

For more information or to make an appointment call us or use the contact form below.
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