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Confidential & Specialized Services for individuals and families recovering from addiction

At Recovery Consulting we strive help fill the substance use disorder (SUD) treatment gap & reduce health disparities through specialized & confidential telehealth services for the treatment of families and individuals with SUDs.


Recovery Consulting began in 2012, with founder Jessica Swan creating an organization for the purposes of addressing addiction and recovery from addiction at multiple levels. Originally named Addiction Recovery Consulting, the organization started by contracting with courts, communities, programs, and associations, offering research and education in addiction treatment and recovery. Additionally, the Addiction Recovery Consulting provided counseling services for individuals and families in Colorado. As the company grew and needs of communities changed, we became a 501c3 tax exempt not for profit organization, aimed at helping more people who otherwise would not receive the help they need. 

Today, with a new name, Recovery Consulting, to reflect the diversified pathways of wellness and recovery, we dropped the word addiction from our title. It reflects a movement toward positive, human-centered language, and away from stigmatizing and labeling language. If you or someone or a family you know needs support for living a life in recovery from substance use disorders, contact us today to let us support you. 


  • Master Addiction Counseling

  • Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner

  • Certified Addiction Specialist

  • Licensed in Colorado and Virginia

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