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Military families scholarship fund

The Issue 


Military families have an urgent need for affordable addiction treatment and recovery services. Recognizing this, we decreased program service costs by 50%. However, even with the 50% out of pocket decrease, the cost for services remained a barrier for families. 


The Solution

Increase the Decrease

We have created a Military Families Scholarship Fund that enables us to increase the decrease from 50% to 75%.  


Your contribution to the scholarship fund makes critical services more affordable for our military families and allows us to accept more requests for much needed services.

Utilizing scholarship funds, we can reduce out of pocket cost by 75% for treatment for our military families.

100% of your donation goes to addiction treatment recovery services for families and individuals in the military.


Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Rock Climbing

Our Military Families Scholarship Fund Goal is $100,000.


Consider a generous one-time gift of up to $10,000.

Thank you.

A word about our fundraising approach.
We believe a contributor would rather have 100% of their gift go to fund vital program services rather than a portion of that gift pay to sustain a fundraising apparatus.
That is why we don't have a fundraising apparatus, and that means we will not be sending you a thank you gift. Sorry, no tote bags, pens, or mugs.


We will, however, be sending you a sincere thank you, along with our assurance that we will not be contacting you, asking for more.
We will be forever grateful for your caring support of military families.

Thank you.

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